12 inspiring quotes about the meaning of life

The meaning of life and its meaning seems like a deep and complicated topic. Today, with the predominance of science and technology, the meaning of life is defined by its origin, the space of time it encompasses and its ability to reproduce, leaving life a void in its meaning.

Extreme situations keep us alive

In crisis situations, Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) realized that people clung to strings of illusion just to survive. He noted that what kept them alive was spiritual freedom and mental independence, being the only things that no one could take away from them, thus giving them meaning and purpose.

Viktor Frankl tried to define how the human being is capable of finding a reason to continue alive despite the extreme situations to which it is subjected, through his work Man's Search for Meaning. The neurologist comes to a conclusion after suffering the horrors as a prisoner of the Holocaust between 1942 and 1945.

See also Holocaust.

In a completely different context, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo also reaches a similar conclusion about life:

The relationship with life

There are many ways of looking at life and each of them arises from an individual inner world and from relationships with their environment. According to several authors, the meaning of life is found when certainties such as the search for happiness or certain death are not given too much importance.

Throughout the centuries, scientists, philosophers and artists have tried to define life from their worldview. Here are some quotes from great thinkers who sought to inspire others to find an answer to this fundamental question.

Life philosophy

The contemporary English philosopher Alain de Botton exposes three activities in which the search for the meaning of life focuses: communication, understanding and service.

Communication encompasses the most significant moments of our lives, when we make a connection with others, either physically or emotionally, through art or literature.

Understanding our personal questions in the face of life's conflicts gives us the pleasure of envisioning solutions and decisions that can change our lives and renew our dreams.

Service refers to the need to serve others. Through helping others, we connect with true interests or dreams, so that life has a personal meaning.

Life as a road

Life is defined as a path that begins with birth and ends with death. Meaning becomes important, since we cannot go back to take a different route.

The ways of the life

It is not possible to go back on the path of life and the only power we have is over the paths of the walker, his way of seeing, feeling, dreaming and doing life.

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