5 characteristics of empathy that are an example of its importance

Empathy is the ability to identify with what the other feels or thinks, to share their feelings and emotions. It is a healthy way of relating to other people, and establishing constructive and enriching relationships.

Hence, it is a highly relevant social skill in our family, school and professional relationships. For this reason, below we will tell you what are the five characteristics of empathy that are an example of its importance.

1. Know how to listen

Knowing how to listen is a fundamental characteristic of empathy. Empathic people like to establish enriching and constructive relationships. They are always willing to listen to each other and are very good conversationalists. Therefore, when someone is angry or sad it is important to give them the opportunity to express why.

2. Understand the other

Empathy also involves the ability to understand the other person's feelings, emotions, and ideas; not only what the other is capable of verbally expressing, but also everything that he manifests with his gestures, behaviors and decisions.

An empathic person is able to understand the other to the point of being able to feel what the other person feels and to understand their mental states in a sincere way.

In empathy we make the other feel understood. Thus, when we comfort someone in difficult moments, we are having an empathic attitude.

3. Identify with the other

Being empathic is also being able to put ourselves in the place of the other, to understand in a deep and sincere way what they think or believe, what they feel or worry about, what makes them suffer or rejoice.

Thus, an empathic person can put themselves in the emotional situation of the other and deeply understand their feelings, fears or beliefs.

This becomes evident, for example, when someone tries to show us the solutions to a problem by remembering that similar situations have also happened in the past.

4. Be supportive

An empathic person has a high sensitivity towards what other people feel or suffer. For this reason, empathy has a lot to do with solidarity, with the desire to help others, especially when they go through a situation of need. An example of this is helping a friend who is having a difficult time.

5. Be respectful

In short, being empathic also implies respecting the other in their feelings, ideas, behaviors, decisions and, in short, in their way of being and facing life, even if we do not agree or like it.

For this reason, empathy is a fundamental value to live in society, because it allows us to understand other people and respect the way in which they express their ideas, feelings and concerns in front of the world.

We are empathetic when, for example, we support our family, friends or colleagues when they go on adventures or projects that we sometimes cannot fully understand.

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