7 examples of ethics in everyday life

Ethics is the part of philosophy that reflects on the moral fact, that is, on what is right or wrong. Thus, in our day-to-day lives, we adhere to certain principles or norms that guide or orient our behavior. In this way, we can distinguish what is good from what is not, right from wrong.

Ethics can be observed in our daily lives in all the acts, decisions and behaviors with which we conduct ourselves, whether at work or school, in the way we relate to our loved ones or with other people, as well as with the environment.

It is thanks to the respect of all these principles and rules that we create the right conditions to coexist in society. For this reason, below we will discuss seven examples of ethics in different areas of our daily lives.

1. Personal ethics

Ethics can be applied to someone's personal life, which includes not only their relationships with family, friends and partner, but also their relationship with themselves and the way they act and make decisions based on their fundamental moral values.

Thus, ethics in personal life is also crossed by the feelings, emotions, sensations, dreams, ideas and opinions of a person, which are, in short, those that determine their way of being and behaving in life. intimate life.

2. Ethics in professional life

In the workplace, professional ethics is contained in the deontological codes that regulate professional activity, that is, the set of rules and principles that must be complied with in the practice of a profession.

Ethical behavior also endows professionals with prestige and reputation, makes them trustworthy and demonstrates their capabilities not only in the execution of their tasks, but also in the way they are carried out, subject to moral standards.

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