Meaning of A gift horse does not look at the tooth

What is A gifted horse does not look at his tooth:

A gift horse, you do not look at the tooth is a proverb that means, in general, that when receiving a gift, you should take an attitude of satisfaction, joy and gratitude, even though it may not be to your liking.

This saying teaches individuals that when a gift is received as a gift, one should not look for defects, negative aspects, or criticize it. On the contrary, it should be welcomed and thanked for the gesture.

The saying under study presents some variants, such as: "on a gifted horse, do not look at its tusk", "on a horse presented, do not look at its tooth", "on a gifted horse, do not look at its teeth", among other

In English, the expression "never look a gift horse in the mouth"is used in the same sense.

Origin of the saying

"A gift horse does not look at the tooth", arose as a consequence of the age of the equines, since through the state of the teeth of the animals the age and their state of health can be determined. At two years of age, the horse changes its teeth and yellowish teeth are born, but over the years they begin to wear away as a result of chewing.

Taking the above into account, when buying a horse or animal it is essential to observe the state of the teeth, but when it is given it does not matter if it is old or new. In this way, it applies to all the other presents that are received despite not being to our liking.

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