Meaning of Give it to him which is mole de olla

What is to give you that is mole de olla:

“To give him what is mole de olla” is a popular saying of Mexican origin that means that something must be done immediately, with a good disposition and without delay. It can also be understood as a call to take advantage of an opportunity that presents itself.

In this sense, the expression "To give it that is mole de olla", even though it has a profound popular whole, is similar to the Latin expression attributed to Horacio, Carpe Diem. It can also be equivalent to expressions such as “Pa’, then it’s late ”or similar to“ Let's get to work ”.

In any of these cases, even if there are nuances, a call is made to seize the moment, the day, the time or the opportunity with a positive attitude.

The mole de olla is a typical Mexican food. It is a broth made with vegetables, beef and corn that is the favorite of adults and children in that country.

Hence, the Mexican saying uses the image of the mole de olla to imply that what must be done must be done with the best disposition and good demeanor, as when the delicious mole de olla is to be eaten.

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