Meaning of In the absence of bread, cakes are good

What is it? In the absence of bread, good cakes are:

In the absence of bread, good cakes are is a saying that means that an individual is satisfied with something that replaces something else. In this sense, it can be said that this saying is related to conformism and resignation of what you have to what you really wanted as your first option. As such, it is a popular saying, of Spanish origin, that has spread and used throughout the Spanish language.

The expression of this phrase originated many years ago, specifically in bakeries when they did not have bread. When customers came to buy bread, they offered him cakes, made without yeast, so that individuals had to settle for bringing cakes and not the product that he longed for and coveted.

The teaching that this saying leaves behind is that sometimes human beings must accept what they get if they cannot find what they really want. For instance; An individual asked for a cologne, in view of not having a cream recommended, and at this moment is where the person responds to the lack of good bread are cakes, assuming with some agreement that he will acquire the cream.

Due to the popularity of this saying, sometimes only the first part is used in a text, leaving the second as suggested or implicit, for example: in the absence of bread ... In addition, it has some variants, such as “in the absence of broth, good is the meat ", or" with less bread, good are cakes ", among others.

In English, it can be translated as "Half a loaf is better than none", which in Spanish would be "half a bread is better than nothing."

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