Meaning of The third is due

What is it? The third is due:

The popular saying "The third time is due" is used to persuade someone to go ahead and try again, after failing in various efforts, whether that someone is oneself or a third person.

In this sense, it is a saying related to the values ​​of effort, perseverance and perseverance.

Apparently, this saying comes from the tests of fighting or jousting in ancient times, which had as a rule to give up the fight after the third knockdown of the opponent.

Other sources indicate that they come from the Roman formation, which had the most courageous soldiers in the third row to give the final thrusts (ad triarios ventum est). However, this thesis has not been duly proven, and most expert opinions advocate locating its origin in medieval jousting.

The use of the saying "The third time is the charm" is very common today. Most of the time it is used in connection with an event or matter of relative importance that has not run well on the first attempt.

However, it is often used in a humorous way, when a person, for entertainment, challenges himself or someone else to take an action, but repeatedly fails.

In cases like these, the saying is used as a rhetorical strategy to buy time, that is, to obtain a new opportunity to achieve what was agreed, before giving up the challenge in question.

Some well-known variants of this saying can be: "The third time is the charm, which is good and true" or also the form "The third time, God promise me."

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