Meaning of A lo made breast

What is A lo done chest:

"To what is done, chest" is a saying that refers to an irreversible situation in which the person has to assume the consequences of their decisions or actions.

This is a saying from oral tradition that people mention when something does not turn out as expected, either because the wrong decision was made or because the consequences of an action were reversed to what was wanted. This can happen both in a sentimental situation, work, friends, among others.

In this sense, "to what is done, chest" is an expression that is related to the concepts of effort, perseverance, responsibility, attitude and courage. In these cases it is useless to repent, it is best to be aware of the error and assume the consequences of our actions.

For example, “I told him I didn't want to see him again and he left, now I'm sorry. I just have to wait, what is done, chest "; “We told you that this business was not a good idea, now concentrate and look for the best solution. To what is done, chest ”.

It is important that people are consistent with their actions and reflect on what is the best decision to make and even how to act in a situation that is not comfortable.

A wrong decision can lead to serious consequences that must be assumed and dealt with responsibly in order not to further complicate the situation.

In these cases, the important thing is to think before acting so as not to have future regrets. However, whatever the case, you should not evade what happened but put your chest to face the situation.

"To what is done, chest" is also a way of expressing the effort made and the courage that was taken to obtain the best results in a test or relationship, but from which he did not succeed despite the attitude of perseverance and verve .

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