Meaning of A foolish words deaf ears

What is A deaf ears foolish words:

"To foolish words on deaf ears" is a popular saying that states that we should not pay attention to reckless or impertinent comments that expressly or disguisedly imply malicious intent. As such, it is originally from Spain and today it is also widespread in America.

The saying, in this sense, is also an advice or a warning: to the foolish words of others, our best response can only be the most sincere indifference.

We can consider as foolish the words that are said from ignorance, without real knowledge about a matter or question; Words that are not measured and that, in this sense, are imprudent and impertinent are foolish; The words that carry with them, in a manifest or hidden way, bad intention are foolish; In short, words that do not help or contribute anything are foolish, that is: negative comments and destructive criticisms.

Hence, the teaching of the saying is that we should not let the comments or statements of others affect us that simply seek to disturb us, since they have no benefit and are not worthy, not even, to be heard. Thus, when we put the saying into practice, we avoid the hassle of attending to what is not even worthwhile.

As such, this saying can present several variants such as "to foolish questions, deaf ears", or "to silly words, deaf ears", as well as its more radical variant "to crazy words, deaf ears". In none, however, does the background and meaning of the message vary.

In English, on the other hand, the phrase closest to this saying is “for mad words, deaf ears”, Which we can translate as‘ insane words, deaf ears ’.

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