Meaning of A Troubled River Fishermen Gain

What is A Troubled River Fishermen Gain:

“A troubled river, fishermen gain” is a popular saying that refers to those people who usually take advantage of situations of chaos or disorder. As such, it is a saying of Spanish origin, widespread in Spain and America.

The saying, in this sense, refers to a real situation: when the waters of a river are disturbed, it is when more fish can be taken. Thus, it draws a parallel with moments of confusion, changes or disagreements, of which there are people who tend to take advantage of.

The phrase can be interpreted, on the one hand, as a warning about opportunistic people who profit from the ills of others. From another more positive angle, the saying can also be seen as a saying that shows that in any adverse situation there is always some opportunity for profit.

For example, a city is cut off by a landslide and for weeks no new merchandise arrives to supply supermarkets. Some, anticipating the facts, buy a large quantity of merchandise and reserve it. After a while, the products begin to be scarce in the trade, and those who bought and stored merchandise at the beginning of the matter, put it on sale at triple the original price, reaping enormous economic benefits from this situation. They are fishermen in a troubled river.

From this saying, the expression "fishing in cloudy water" is also born, which refers to the fact that it is the right time to do or execute something.

There are some variants of this saying, such as "a river turned, fisherman's gain", "a troubled river, profit of fishermen" or "in a troubled river, abundant fishing".

In English, the saying has a similar sentence that reads: “It’s good fishing in troubled waters”, Which can be literally translated as“ it is good to fish in rough waters ”. As you can see, its English version is more positive regarding the opportunities that appear in moments of chaos and confusion.

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