Meaning of Abarcar

What is Abarcar:

Abarcar is a verb that means to girdle or surround something with your arms or your hand. The word, as such, comes from Latin abbracchicāre, which means 'embrace', and which is derived from brachĭum, which translates 'arm'.

In the same way, encompass can also designate the action of something to understand or encompass one or more other things: "He wrote a book that spans a century of republican history." Thus, synonyms of encompass would be to understand, encompass or cover.

Cover, likewise, can mean contain, imply or imply: "They developed a trade agreement that spans the five continents." Synonyms, in this sense, would contain, enclose, entail, imply or include.

On the other hand, encompassing can also refer to the act of being able to dominate something in its entirety and in an instant: “They liked the apartment because from it you could cover the entire bay”.

Cover, in the same way, can refer to the act of someone taking care of many things and issues at once: "He wanted to cover all the departments in the company, although he could barely make his work efficiently." Hence the classic saying, "he who covers a lot little squeezes".

In hunting or hunting, encompassing means surrounding a significant area of ​​forest where the game is supposed to be.

In Latin America, for its part, covering can function as a synonym for hoarding: "They were penalized for trying to cover the items in greatest demand." Likewise, in countries such as Ecuador, encompassing also designates the action of a hen to hatch eggs.

As a noun, an encompass or albarca is also a type of rustic footwear, which only protects the soles of the feet, and which is secured with ropes or straps that pass over the instep and ankle.

In English, it can be translated encompass, when it is equivalent to understanding as to include, to take in. When we want to mean contain, on the other hand, we can render it to English as to contain, to comprise. And when we mean hoard, we can translate encompass as to monopolize.

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