Meaning of Action

What is Action:

As action we designate, in general terms, the performance of an act or fact, or the effect produced by a certain fact in question. The word, as such, comes from Latin actio, actiōnis.

Action is also the possibility of acting in certain areas. For example: "The university council has the capacity to act in cases of administrative corruption."

In literature, cinema or comic, action refers to the set of events or acts that, chained one after another, make up the plot of a work. For example: “The action of The Quijote it happens in Spain ”.

In painting, on the other hand, action refers to the posture that a model takes to be painted. For example: “The action in Las Meninas of Velázquez is natural ”.

Action is a broad and dynamic concept, used in the most diverse areas of human activity, ranging from social action in sociology, strategic actions in public policies, as well as technical actions and control actions in processes. technicians.

Actions in finance

In economics and finance, shares are each of the parts into which the capital of a company, partnership or company is divided, and which is representative of the value of the fractions into which this capital is divided. The holders of these shares, that is, the shareholders, have a set of political rights within the company (voting on decisions, participating in assemblies), and economic (receiving a part of the income generated).

Action in law

In law, we speak of action in reference to the right that a person has, whether natural or legal, to access a court or tribunal, make a request or activate a jurisdictional body, in short, to activate the bodies in charge of the administration of justice so that they exercise their functions.

Action in physics

In physics, an action is called a scalar quantity that allows us to measure the product of the energy used in a process by the time that the process lasts. It is one of the fundamental concepts of physics; it has application in classical mechanics, relativistic mechanics, and quantum mechanics. Its unit of measurement, according to the International System of Units, is the joule per second (J / s).


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