Meaning of addition

What is Plus:

It is also an adverb that is used to add information to the one already exposed. As such, it derives from the word others.

In addition, in this sense, it is used in sentences where we want to add something to what we have said previously, for example:

  • He arrived at the appointment very handsome and, moreover, on time.
  • He painted the apartment very quickly and also charged cheaply.

It is also used as a prepositional phrase "in addition to", which is used to add information or specifications to what has been expressly indicated previously, for example:

  • He liked French and German, in addition to English.
  • Besides Europe, I wanted to get to know Asia and Africa.

Synonyms for in addition are above, also, likewise, equally.

In English, on the other hand, it can also be translated as also, in the sense of also. For instance: "There are also tennis courts and golf courses”(There are also tennis courts and golf courses).

Besides or others?

It is also not the same as others. It is also an adverb, and is used to add information to that previously expressed in a sentence, for example: Do you want salad as well as soup? In addition, on the other hand, it is a sequence that is formed with the preposition to and the adjective more, and is used in reference to 'the others' or 'the leftovers', for example: "I want to express my gratitude to the coordinator and other colleagues."

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