6 unmissable ornaments in a Christmas tree and their meaning

The Christmas tree is one of the main decorative elements of Christmas. Its origin dates back to the traditions of the Nordic peoples, in which it was considered a symbol of life.

The decorative use of the tree expanded and became an important Christmas symbol, so much so that it is used to see both in homes and in the main public spaces of cities, shopping and business centers.

Christmas trees are decorated with a set of ornaments that have an individual meaning, and that can even be made through various craft techniques. Here we tell you what are the decorations that cannot be missing in a Christmas tree.

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Belen star

The star of Bethlehem is customarily placed on the top or point of the trees and represents the star that, according to Christian tradition, was the celestial body that announced the birth of the Child Jesus and the one that guided the Magi to the manger. where he was. The stars can be of various sizes or colors.

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The mistletoe symbolizes prosperity, togetherness, happiness and purification in the home. It is said that lovers must kiss under the mistletoe to obtain eternal love.

Formerly, it was used as a medicine in small doses, since in large quantities it can be lethal. Mistletoes are used both to decorate Christmas trees and for doors or Christmas wreaths.

Colored spheres

The colored spheres symbolize joy, abundance and prosperity in the times to come. The colored spheres or balls also represent the apples that were formerly hung on the sacred trees in order to return the sacred spirits of nature and the fertility of the Earth.

Christmas bells

Christmas bells are used to represent the message of joy that the arrival of Christmas brings. It is said that in the past the bells were placed in order to scare away evil spirits.

Christmas pinecones

The pine cones that are placed on Christmas trees represent a sign of hope and immortality. Generally, they are painted with silver or gold sparkles and are placed on both Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths.

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Lights and candles

The lights or candles, whether white or colored, are a must-see decoration on the Christmas Tree. They symbolize the moment when the Virgin Mary gave birth to the Child Jesus in the manger under the light of a candle. Hence, today Christmas trees stand out in the eyes of people by their bright lights.

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