Advent meaning

What is Advent:

The holy time in which the Church celebrates the four Sundays before Christmas is known as Advent. Advent is a time of joy for Christians, characterized by the spiritual preparation for the birth of Jesus.

Advent begins on the Sunday closest to November 30 and ends on December 24, becoming the first season of the Christian liturgical year. The duration of Advent varies between twenty-two and twenty-eight days, a time dedicated to reflection, penance, and prayer in preparation for receiving the Lord Jesus Christ.

The color used in the Church's liturgy during this time is purple. For its part, the biblical readings in the Advent season are taken from the prophet Isaiah as from the Old Testament signaling the arrival of the Messiah.

According to the Bible, the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, indicating that she would soon give birth to a child, the son of God, who she would call Jesus, and her kingdom would have no end. That waiting time is characterized as Advent.

Etymologically, the word Advent is of Latin origin "adventum " What does it mean "arrival”.

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Advent wreath

The Advent wreath arose in the Middle Ages as a symbol of love and light towards God. The Advent wreath is characterized by being a wreath of branches, it can be pine or fir, with four candles, usually 3 are purple and one pink. The first candle is lit on the first Sunday of Advent and the rest are lit during the following weeks.

The Advent wreath is full of symbolism:

  • Its circular shape represents eternity and its color hope.
  • To observe, a red ribbon on the crown symbolizes God's love for humanity and the love of the faithful who await the birth of Jesus.
  • The 4 candles represent the four weeks of Advent and are lit on each Sunday of Advent.
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