Meaning of Aerosol

What is Aerosol:

An aerosol is designated, in Chemistry, the suspension of tiny particles of a liquid or solid substance in a gaseous medium, which may well be air or any other gas. The word, as such, comes from the French aerosol.

The liquid that is stored under pressure in a container is also called an aerosol, and that can only be released by means of a mechanism that expels it to the outside in the form of very fine drops. In the fields of perfumery, painting and pharmacology it is widely used to store substances such as perfumes, aerosol paints or inhalers for nasal congestion.

Aerosol can also be used to refer to a container equipped with a special device that sprays the liquid it contains when it is thrown outside.

Hence, there are also aerosols created to serve as a personal defense weapon, which release pepper spray or tear gas to neutralize an attack. Likewise, tear gas can be used by the forces of public order to repress demonstrations.

On the other hand, there are also atmospheric aerosols, made up of a heterogeneous mixture of solid or liquid particles suspended in the atmosphere. Atmospheric aerosols can be generated naturally as a result of dust storms, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, or sea water spray. Likewise, humans can be a generator of aerosols as a result of their activities, mainly from the burning of fossil fuels. Hence, aerosols represent a serious air pollution problem.

Aerosol in Medicine

In Medicine, aerosols are used for therapeutic or medicinal purposes. In this sense, aerosols are made up of containers fitted with a special valve for the release of drugs in the form of very fine drops. They are also known as sprays or inhalers, and are used primarily for respiratory tract treatments. When it comes to a topical spray, it is more commonly known as spray.

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