Meaning of Affeminate

What is effeminate:

Affeminate is an adjective that refers to the behavior or way of being or speaking of a man that is similar to that of women.

A man is considered effeminate whose way of behaving, acting, speaking or adorning himself is associated with what is conventionally expected of a woman.

In this sense, the effeminate person transgresses the parameters of behavior generally attributed to individuals of the masculine gender, manifesting a set of characteristics or signs that resemble the style, role and manners of what is culturally associated with persons of sex feminine.

Feminine is also what looks like a woman. For example: "Don't you think that hat you're wearing is a bit effeminate?"

Likewise, effeminate is a way of calling or referring to a homosexual man: "Today is the effeminate parade."

See also LGBT.

Synonyms of effeminate are feminine, feminine, feminine, womanish, feminine, adamado or amujerado. Antonyms, meanwhile, are manly, virile, masculine or macho.

In English, effeminate can be translated as effeminate. For instance: "Nearly every Englishman of working-class origin considers it effeminate to pronounce a foreign word correctly”(Almost all working-class English people consider it effeminate to pronounce a foreign word correctly).

Sissy in the Bible

The Bible is clear in its condemnation of effeminate men. According to Corinthians (6: 9-10), the effeminate would be excluded from the kingdom of God, and puts them on the same level as adulterers, thieves, drunkards, or swindlers. However, the biblical text does not expressly consider as sin the fact of a man being or having an effeminate behavior, but the fact of a man being actively homosexual.

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