Meaning of Aforo

What is Capacity:

As capacity we designate the maximum capacity of people that can fit in a place or enclosure, the calculation of the total capacity of a container, the measurement of a stream of water, or the administrative act by means of which a merchandise is measured in a customs office.

The word capacity, in its most common use, refers to the total capacity to house people in an enclosure without ceasing to be safe, which implies that it can be evacuated quickly and safely in emergency situations (fires, earthquakes , etc.). This is applicable to meetinghouses, cinemas, stadiums, theaters, etc. The capacity, as such, is determined by the municipal authorities.

Synonyms of capacity are capacity or capacity.

In English, capacity can be translated as capacitY. For instance: "The stadium has a capacity of 50,000 people”(The stadium has a capacity of 50,000 people).

Vehicle capacity

The vehicular capacity refers to the count of vehicles carried out during a determined period of time, with the aim of determining the number of vehicles that actually pass through a section or road. The volume of traffic obtained is a key piece of information when planning new communication routes, remodeling a road, and other related issues. For the capacity, different techniques and means can be used, which can be manual, automatic, etc.

Capacity in chemistry

In chemistry, the gauging is the mark or signal that, on the glass of the volumetric material, indicates the exact volume of a liquid. When gauging a transparent substance, the gauging line should be tangent to the lower part of the meniscus, while in darker liquids, the measurement should be taken in the upper part of the meniscus.

Customs capacity

In the customs field, the gauging is the operation by means of which an official proceeds to recognize, verify, weigh, count or measure a merchandise to later determine its value and nature, and establish the duties and taxes that must be applied to it. As such, the capacity is an inherent power of the customs authority of each country.

Water capacity

In hydraulics, the water capacity consists of measuring the flow of water in a course or river. In the same way, we speak of capacity in reference to the measurement of the amount of water that can be extracted from a well in a given period of time.

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