Meaning of Water that you should not drink let it run

What is Water that you should not drink let it run:

Water that you should not drink let it flow is a saying that means that when an issue is not the responsibility of the individual, it is best not to get involved and let the water take its natural course.

In this sense, it can be said that this saying is related to meddling in other people's affairs.

As such, it is a popular saying, of Spanish origin, that has spread and used throughout Latin America.

In relation to the above, the saying dictates an advice or warning, not to get involved in other people's affairs so as not to generate inconvenience or obstruct said affairs.

In this way, the saying teaches to keep the individual out of an issue that does not interest or affect them, it is not advisable to meddle but to let it pass, and those who are truly affected, then let them be the ones who seek a solution.

Sometimes, the individual who gets involved in something that is not his concern can end up in big trouble, and cause discomfort to other people by doing something that does not concern or affect him.

Thus, when the saying under study is put into practice, we are implying that if it is not your problem or competition, it is better to let it pass.

This saying, on the other hand, has several variants, such as: "water that is not to drink, let it run", "the water should not move when it is not to be drunk", among others.

A similar saying that makes the idea of ​​meddling in foreign affairs is Zapatero a tus zapatos.

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