Meaning of Ahínco

What is Ahínco:

Eagerness is the determination, perseverance, diligence or stubbornness with which we do something. The word, as such, derives from the verb sink, which in turn comes from vulgar Latin figic─üre, which means 'fix something in a place'.

In this sense, we do something with determination when we are fixated on fulfilling or realizing a specific purpose.

Thus, zeal is also the effort, energy or determination with which we undertake a task, activity or responsibility.

In this way, when we assume tasks or responsibilities of great importance, it is normal for us to give our best, using our resources and skills to obtain the best possible result.

Thus, someone who works, studies or fulfills a duty with great effort does so with great effort and commitment, and, from this effort, hopes to reap the benefits.

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