Meaning of Delve

What is Delve:

Deepen is a word whose meaning varies depending on the context in which it is used. Its most common use refers to digging deeper into something or a situation that indicates a physical space or a symbolic situation.

For example, “The gap had to be deepened a little more so that it was possible to build and settle the commune of the building”, “In the interview they wanted to delve into my personal life”.

Another use of delving indicates digging or introducing something deeper than what is found. For example, "You have to dig deeper into the earth to find the requested minerals", "The mechanic had to dig his tools into the engine of the machine to be able to remove the broken parts."

The use of the word deepen that indicates introduce can be applied in various areas such as, "During surgery the doctor deepened his clamp on the patient to insert the prosthesis", "In the search for evidence, biologists delved into the caves to take soil samples ”.

On the other hand, when an investigation or search for information is carried out on a particular topic, researchers generally look for precise information and delve into it in order to demonstrate or explain the causes or consequences of something.

For example, "The school psychologist is doing an analysis of the behavior of children between 6 and 7 years old to delve into how they communicate and function socially", "In my thesis I delve into the importance of using social networks the publicity and marketing".

The same occurs in the area of ​​social communication when a journalist conducts an interview, documents a story and asks a series of questions so that the interviewee provides the desired information.

For example, "During the press conference several journalists wanted to delve into the new film, but the director did not comment further", "I am going through a difficult time in my personal life and I am not going to delve into it during the interview."

The word delve can be substituted for these synonyms as necessary: ​​dig, delve, undermine, probe, descend, investigate, interrogate, tackle, among others.

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