Meaning of Alcoba

What is Alcoba:

Alcove is the room where you sleep. The word bedroom comes from Arabic al-qubbah, which means building with a dome and a place where sacred objects were kept.

When talking about bedroom secrets, it refers to the behavior and habits in the sexual sphere of a person that they generally had in a bedroom.

Synonyms for bedroom are bedroom, sleeping room, and bedroom.

The arabic word al-qubbah comes in turn from the Persian word gumbad. The Persian gumbad was a building that was characterized by being square, crowned with a dome that was ideal for the climate of the deserts of Iran.

The Spanish language has a lot of Arabic influence as we see it in many of the words that begin with al-, such as, for example, pillow, cotton, jewelry, warehouse, almanac, among others. Linguistics has studied the influence that the Arabs had in Spain for a little less than 800 years from the year 711 to 1492.

Alcoba is also a Spanish surname originating in Almería, Málaga, Alicante, Cádiz, Cáceres and Granada, such as, for example, the Uruguayan soccer player Gerardo Alcoba (1984-) who entered the year 2015 as a central defender in the Club ‚ÄúPumas de la UNAM "of the first division of Mexico.

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