Meaning of Joy

What is Joy:

Joy is a state of mind produced by a favorable event that usually manifests itself with external signs such as a smile, a good mood and personal well-being. The word joy comes from Latin alicer or alecris What does it mean "alive and lively. "

However, the term joy can have several meanings depending on how it is used. Joy is a person or thing that causes this effect, such as “that girl is the joy of the family. " Likewise, joy can be antagonistic to the previous definition since it is the lack of responsibility, concern, inconstancy, sanity of an individual, it is reflected when we say "That person acted with joy and did not properly manage the family business."

In Mexico and Spain the word joy is used to refer to specific things. In Mexico, joy is a sweet made with amaranth seeds and honey or sugar, it is made in the towns of Tulyehualco, Xochimilco and Temoac in the state of Morelos. In Spain, specifically in the city of Cádiz, joy is one of the main styles of flamenco, it is a happy, jocular and partying song and dance.

The term joy can be used as a synonym for: contentment, joy, animation, enthusiasm, happiness, fun, recreation, joy, pleasure, among others.

Joy is chosen by many parents as the name for their daughter, it is of Latin origin which means "she who radiates happiness."

Joy as a value is manifested from the inside, from the soul, it is reflected through feelings of well-being.

Joy is a positive feeling caused by a pleasant emotion or by being close to someone or something that expresses this type of emotion and transmits it to other people.

Love is the deepest and most common cause for joy as it leads to relationships with other people.

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