Meaning of Alien

What is Alien:

Alien refers to a being that belongs to another place, a stranger or an alien.

According to its Latin origin, the word alien refers to something or someone that is born in another place. Derived from Latin alienus indicating another place, -gene- which refers to birth or origin and the suffix -to pointed out by an agent.

The word alien is used to refer to someone who does not belong to a certain place, for example, "I feel like an alien in this country." In this context, the word is synonymous with foreigner, stranger.

Alien is also used to indicate something unfamiliar, disturbing, or out of the ordinary, for example, "This is an alien culture."

Alien is used as a synonym for extraterrestrial, that is, beings that come from another planet. Planets that could host some form of life are classified as exoplanets, planets with characteristics similar to Earth and also revolve around a star.

See also Exoplanet.

Aliens have been associated with unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

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