Meaning of transgenic foods

What are GM foods:

Transgenic foods are foods that are genetically modified to alter their characteristics, optimize their performance, size and quality, be they vegetable or animal.

They are normally identified with the name of genetically modified organisms, their acronym in Spanish are GMO and in English GMO.

The method basically consists of inserting certain genes into another organism using the resources of genetic engineering and biotechnology, in order to manipulate its characteristics.

The genetic modification of food not only seeks to influence its size, durability and performance, but also aims to make it more resistant. All of this works in favor of agricultural and agricultural productivity.

In principle, it is assumed that transgenic foods are created to respond to the food needs of humanity, whose number of individuals has increased exponentially. But the controversy around them has also grown considerably.

See also Biotechnology.

Advantages of transgenic foods

  • Increase in production.
  • Increased size of food.
  • Greater resistance to climatic variations.
  • Greater resistance to pests.
  • Greater resistance to herbicides.
  • Greater durability of the food.
  • Faster growth.
  • Ability to grow in infertile land (plants).
  • Less need for chemicals in its conservation.

Disadvantages of GM foods

  • Threat to biodiversity.
  • Risk of altering the ecosystem.
  • Impossibility of determining the consequences for health.
  • Risk of negative effect on fertility.
  • Threat of alteration of the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics.
  • Danger of mutations of viruses and fungi to survive new genetic conditions of their carriers.
  • Deep competitive disadvantage for small producers.

Transgenic seeds

One of the problems associated with transgenic foods has to do with the seeds. These seeds do not occur naturally, but have to be intervened in laboratories.

The companies that produce these seeds have a monopoly by holding the patent. Therefore, this poses a serious risk both for the survival of the food itself and for healthy competition between producers, especially when they are small.

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