Meaning of Poppy

What is Poppy:

Poppy is the common name for a variety of wild plants, typical of North America, Asia and Europe, as well as their flower. The word, as such, derives from ababol.

Poppies are annual plants, of the family of the Papaveraceae, usually with red flowers, the stem covered with bristly hairs, the capsule fruit and the blackish seed. It grows frequently in the fields.

The poppy, also known as opium poppy, is a plant from which substances that have narcotic, analgesic and sedative effects can be extracted, and which came to have a medicinal use in the past, for the relief of aches and pains, before was declared an illegal substance.

Poppy contains large amounts of alkaloids, for this reason, with it various narcotic substances can be produced, such as opium, morphine or heroin, considered as drugs in many countries and, consequently, of illegal production, sale and consumption due to its detrimental effects on people's physical and mental health.

However, some substances, such as codeine, produced from poppy seeds, continue to be used by the pharmacological industry to relieve pain because they have a delayed effect and are less likely to generate dependence.

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