Meaning of Amber

What is Amber:

The term amber refers to a fossil resin from conifers, yellow, more or less dark, electrifying, with good color. Also, it is used as an adjective to indicate that a thing has a color between yellow and orange, like fossil resin, for example: "I bought an amber shirt for tonight."

The expression amber is also known as "succino", it is of Latin origin "Succinum" and, in turn, amber is of Arabic origin whose meaning is “floating in the sea”Since being an original and not forged amber floats on water.

There are different types of amber, ambergris is a grayish substance with a strong aroma that is found in the intestine of sperm whales or floating in the sea, in the case of being expelled with the feces, in this case it is used in perfumery and medications. In turn, black amber originates from coal, hard, black in color and can be hairy, black amber is what is known as jet.

Amber is seen as a precious stone that can be obtained in various colors: yellow, orange, red, white, brown, teal, black, among others. However, the most valued and sought-after amber is the red or cherry from Chiapas, Mexico. The first recorded place where amber was first observed was in the Baltic Sea and the piece worked with amber was found in Hannover, Germany.

Due to the beauty of amber, in ancient times, it was used as a talisman, medicinal remedy and as a perfume. In the vast majority of Latin American countries, jet is used to protect the individual, especially young children, against the evil eye. Instead, other cultures exchanged Baltic amber for goods from southern Europe.

It is noteworthy that in the market there are forgeries about amber, to determine if the amber is true or false, the stone must be placed in black light that will make it shine in a phosphorescent color or, only put the amber in salt water, the stone will float and, if it is not true, it will sink.

Amber is found in Europe, specifically in Spain, Lithuania, Poland, France, Russia and, in Latin America in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Colombia.

On the other hand, amber is known in the area of ​​physics, by virtue of the electrical properties that amber contains when rubbing with other objects or when being rubbed, it attracts light bodies, which originated the word electricity, it is of Greek origin " ἤλεκτρον ”or“ electron ”which means“ amber ”.

The expression amber is used as a name for female sex, it has 2 meanings "gemstone"Or"the one with delicious perfume ”.

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