Meaning of Love of God

What is Love of God:

Love of God refers to connecting the mind, heart and soul to do everything that makes God happy, hence it is the first and most important commandment for Christians.

Loving God is an attitude that implies will, reflection and commitment, that is, projecting the love that he gives us through our spirit and daily actions.

It should be noted that God is love, and that his love was demonstrated through Jesus Christ. Therefore, to love God is to accept that he is in our spirit.

When an individual loves it is because he recognizes his will to be sincere and to make sacrifices in order to make the loved one happy, which implies accepting that it is not always possible to do what generates joy or enjoyment. Therefore, loving God refers to doing his will and basing our desires and actions on his commandments and word.

In this sense, we must love God as he wants to be loved and not as we want to love him. For example, in a relationship, people are usually loving, attentive and give away what their partner likes in order to please her and make her feel special, therefore, what we want or like is not given to ourselves.

Therefore, the best way to demonstrate love for God is by aligning what we feel and desire through our mind, heart and soul (since they work together) and, in this way, base our will on God's.

Now, if, on the contrary, the mind, the heart or the soul deviates, it is because the individual is falling into sin and is not able to reflect and demonstrate the commandments and word of God. However, you can return to God's will through prayer, confession, or communion.

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Mind, heart and soul

It is necessary that the love of God is given through the mind, the heart and the soul because they are three complementary parts that work together in order to integrate what we think, feel and reflect on the outside.

Love of God and the mind

The mind is made up of emotions and will. The mind is where decisions are made and what is right is distinguished from what is wrong, and the truth from the lie.

Therefore, the mind is a spiritual space for reflection and understanding, so it is important that mind and spirit are connected, especially with the love of God, in this way you will feel peace and harmony.

Love of God and the heart

The heart works together with the mind because it is connected with the will, it allows us to feel love, fear or guilt: it is where all emotions flow.

The heart is essential to live and experience the feeling of love for God, which will then be expressed through actions. God enters our heart through the mind and our reflections.

Love of god and soul

The soul is the reflection of our heart, feelings and beliefs. Through the soul we express ourselves and expose our personality, that is why it is so important that the mind, heart and soul are aligned or connected, because the final result, that is, actions, are those that externalize our love for God.

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