Antagonist Meaning

What is Antagonist:

Antagonist is that contrary person or one thing opposed to another being defined in its general sense as a contradiction.

Antagonist is in literature the opposite of the protagonist, that is, that character who opposes the protagonist in the development of a conflict in a literary work or film.

Antagonist comes from the Greek antagonisms which is made up of the suffix anti- which refers to something opposite and agon or agonistis which means combat, wrestling, fighter or player.

The word antagonist is related to antagonist which means something opposite. The synonyms for antagonist are: rival, opposition, alter-ego, opposite, opponent. Its antonyms are friend, ally, family member.

Antagonist used as an adjective means a fight against the action of something opposite.

Protagonist and antagonist

In the literary world, specifically in narratology, the antagonist is the one who accompanies the protagonist in the main conflict of the narrative contrary to him. Generally, it is one that increases the confusion or the problem of the protagonist in the work of fiction.

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