Meaning of Antivirus

What is Antivirus:

Antivirus is a computer program used to detect computer viruses, known as malware, in order to be blocked, eliminated and prevent future infection by a virus.

A computer virus is a small piece of software that spreads in electronic devices in order to steal or delete information, cause damage to the computer, inconvenience the user, among others. Sometimes viruses are installed by the user himself when running infected programs that take over the operating system and achieve their goal. However, some viruses are known as worms, Trojans, spyware.

Antivirus programs check the code of each file it reviews against a database of existing codes in order to detect any program that is harmful to the computer's operating system. However, there are different types of antivirus programs such as: those that only detect the virus, those that detect the virus and eliminate or block it, and those that detect the virus that tries to enter the operating system and stops it.

Likewise, as a security measure, it is essential that the computers contain an antivirus program installed and that it works for as long as it remains on or reviews a file or several of them every time the user requests it, likewise, the antivirus can review incoming and outgoing emails, as well as visited web pages.

Antivirus programs must be constantly updated due to the generation of new malicious code. Likewise, there are free antivirus applications such as the antivirus avira, a German information security company and its applications are based on the antivir engine, known as filewalker, and there are others such as the AVG antivirus developed by the Czech company AVG Technologies available for the Windows operating system, Lenux, IOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

In reference to the above and, in view of the possibility of obtaining a free antivirus program, there can be no excuse on the part of the user for not having any program installed on the computer in order to maintain its files and operating system safe and protected from any harm or malicious behavior.

On the other hand, the term antivirus is a type of drug that is responsible for treating infections caused by viruses and strengthening the body's defense system.

In reference to antivirals, different types can be observed such as: agents that inactivate viruses, agents that inhibit viral replication inside the cell, and agents that increase or modify the host's immune response, which is why there are specific antivirals For each virus, for example: acyclovir is used to prevent the replication of the herpes simplex virus, as for the human insufficiency virus (HIV) the compound of several drugs is used, that is, of different groups according to the protein that is directed in order to prevent the progression of the virus life cycle.

Likewise, to combat a viral infection it is essential to take antivirals, either natural or prescribed by the doctor, as well as, rest and, carry out a diet with increased vitamin C through the consumption of natural juices, cereals and vegetables. It is extremely important to prevent viral infections through exercise, have good hygiene, that is, wash your hands and eat cooked and prepared meals and, finally, the administration of vaccines that allow the immune system to produce antibodies. capable of attacking viruses.

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