Meaning of Antro

What is Antro:

Antro refers to a disreputable or alternative movement establishment. In anatomy, an antrum is are cavities of a certain organ.

The word antro comes from Latin antrum that indicates a grotto, a cavern or the cavities of the logs. Its plural antra, is used in Latin to refer to body cavities such as the nostrils or the stomach cavity.

In some Spanish-speaking countries, especially Latin American, antro is popularly used to refer to a place with dance music, such as a disco.

Some synonyms for den are: refuge, establishment, den, den, cavity, pit.

Antrum in medicine

The antrum in medicine refers to the cavities that exist in certain types of organs, such as the gastric antrum or also called the stomach antrum, located before the stomach pylorus that connects with the duodenum. The gastric antrum is responsible for the acid secretion of the stomach and emptying into the duodenum.

In the area of ​​embryology, the antrum refers to the fluid-filled cavity that forms when secondary follicles fuse with their vesicles in the final process of oogenesis called the mature or Graafian follicle. This follicle will be responsible for expelling the oocyte from the ovary to be fertilized.

Club music

The club music refers to the dance music that sounds the most at parties. They are characterized by being danceable and for mass consumption.

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