Meaning of Learn

What is Learn:

Learning is the action of acquiring and retaining knowledge, skill, or information about a subject.

The word learn derives from Latin apprehendere composed of prefixes ad- indicating “towards”, prae- which refers to "before" and I will split which means to grab or catch.

Learning is synonymous with the words: memorize, study, instruct, train, educate and as antonyms we have: forget, ignore, erase, turn off.

Learning means acquiring knowledge through the intellect or experience. Learning through the intellect is dominated by rationalism. On the other hand, knowledge through experience or empiricism requires practice and the more you practice, the more you learn.

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The importance of finding the balance between learning only through the intellect or only through experience was discussed by Aristotle and Confucius reflects this idea in his work. The four books with the following sentence: “Learning without thinking is useless. Thought without learning is dangerous".

Learning also implies knowing the way in which each one acquires knowledge. The phrase learn to learn, for example, tells us that we must learn to educate ourselves.

See also Educate.

Learn and apprehend

Learning and apprehending have the same etymology and were used synonymously. Today the word apprehend, in the context of education, is used to emphasize deeper and more lasting learning.

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