Meaning of Aptitude

What is Aptitude:

Aptitude is the ability or posture that a person or thing possesses to carry out a certain activity or the capacity and skill that one has for the development and good performance of a business, industry, art, sport, among others.

The word aptitude comes from the Latin aptus which means "able to".

In this way, it is understood that the term aptitude can be applied in different environments in which the human being develops, both in which cognitive capacities are involved, such as physical, biological, work, analytical, among others.

For example, when looking for a job, you must prepare and deliver or send a Curriculum vitae or resume, in which the professional or outstanding aptitudes that identify the candidate who is running for a specific position are exposed.

These qualities are those that describe the individual as the ideal and competent candidate to obtain the requested job, they seek to stand out from other candidates. Some professional skills can be responsibility, honesty, ability to work in groups and under pressure, creativity, dynamism, among others.

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