Meaning of Aridoamérica

What is Aridoamérica:

Aridoamérica is the name by which an area is known in which there was significant human activity in pre-Columbian times, the limits of which currently correspond to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

In other words, Aridoamérica would be located north of the so-called Mesoamerica or “Mesoamerican area” of the same period.

The term was coined around the 1950s by Paul Kirchhoff, a German-born, Mexican-born ethnologist and anthropologist. Kirchoff also coined the concept of Mesoamerica, which he defined as a sociocultural super-area of ​​current Central America in which some of the great cultures of the pre-Hispanic period settled.

Characteristics of Aridoamérica

The main characteristics of Aridoamérica are presented below.

Climate, habitat and relief

The Aridoamérica region receives this name for being an arid area, with little rainfall and water currents. The territory was characterized by having large extensions of non-cultivable plain. All this made it impossible for human groups to settle and, with it, the development of a remarkable infrastructure.

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