Meaning of Artesanal

What is Artesanal:

Any product that is made through traditional or manual techniques is handmade, without involving an industrial process. It also refers to everything that indicates a craft trade, craft process and craft tradition.

Now, people who are dedicated to the artisan trade are known as artisans, who are those who, out of taste and passion for traditional methods, carry out the elaboration of various products (gastronomic, utilitarian or decorative) through manual, individual processes and with the help of simple tools, in small classrooms or workshops.

Therefore, the result is a unique artisan product, called craftsmanship, because it exposes the meticulous, indigenous and special work that each product receives throughout its production.

All that elaboration or product that indicates that it is of artisan origin denotes a special meaning because it represents a sample and enhances the cultural expression of a country, region or town, be it gastronomic, clothing or accessories, artistic, among others.

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Artisan process

The artisan process is one of the oldest production models created by man. It is characterized by being a manual elaboration that relies on the use of raw materials from the area (in many cases they are sustainable resources), basic tools and for being carried out by one or more people.

Hence, the production of products is slower than in an industrialized or mass process, and it gives that characteristic that each final product has a unique result.

On the other hand, the skills required to make an artisan product are transmitted from one generation to another in order to maintain and strengthen cultural traditions.

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Handmade product

Handicraft products are considered all those objects made by artisans, following traditional techniques for the typical elaboration of different products, which are typical of a country or a region, in quantities smaller than those of an industrial production.

Handicraft products are differentiated according to their type and origin, which can be aboriginal, folkloric, urban and luxurious, they can be products such as food or goldsmiths, jewelry, basketry, leather, clothing, pottery, painting, sculptures, carpentry, fabrics, among others.

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