Meaning of Research Article

What is Research Article:

A research article is an academic work of a short or medium length, which aims to present the result of an investigation of scientific aspirations, be it experimental or theoretical.

The purpose of a research article is to disseminate the results of a study, which represent a contribution in the field of the specialty, whether it is natural sciences or social sciences.

Consequently, these documents are exposed to the community of scientists and intellectuals, which means putting them to the test against other experts to verify their validity. For this, the research articles are destined to be shared in congresses and conferences, as well as publication in specialized journals, whether printed or electronic. In this way, a research article is an essential part of the knowledge construction process.

This type of work is also called scientific articles or papers, in English, a term that has spread in academic communities of different languages.

Structure of a research article

A research article, due to its scientific nature, is normally structured as follows, even though there may be differences according to the area of ​​knowledge:

  • Title (in Spanish and English);
  • Authors;
  • Summary (in Spanish and English);
  • Keywords (in Spanish and English);
  • Introduction;
  • Theoretical bases, methods and materials;
  • Results and Discussion;
  • Graphics and tables duly numbered and identified (if applicable);
  • Conclusions;
  • Bibliography.

Regarding the format and length, these will depend on the final destination of the text (publication or conference) and the rules determined by the receiving institution.

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