ASAP meaning

What is ASAP:

ASAP in Spanish means “as soon as possible” and is an acronym for “As Soon As Possible”.

The acronyms ASAP are generally used in corporate communications and are used in order to request a prompt response from the sender as far as possible.

ASAP serves to emphasize the need for a more expeditious than normal solution or information, although it does not indicate that it is expressly urgent.

ASAP is a way to push for a reply and write it down for future project follow-ups such as "Check if the numbers are correct ASAP, thank you."

ASAP methodology

The ASAP methodology, acronym for the methodology Accelerated SAP, is a tool to help in the execution of software solutions projects. It is a methodology used in the engineering of softwares, developed by the company SAP AG.

The ASAP methodology has 5 phases:

  1. Project preparation: strategies, risks, equipment, and the study of preparatory variables are defined.
  2. Blueprint- Business requirements and systemic processes are established.
  3. Realization: the phases are analyzed and transferred to the SAP environment through the development of programs, tests and configuration of processes.
  4. Final preparation- Final adjustments are made before deployment.
  5. Go live and support: the project is implemented Accelerated SAP.

See also SAP System.

ASAP in Hip-Hop

The use of the term ASAP by the New York rapper Rakim Mayers for his stage name ASAP Rocky, is a common satire of the Hip-Hop musical style, where the meaning of terms widely used in today's society is changed as a social criticism.

In this way, ASAP Rocky modifies the corporate acronym "as soon as possible" by "Always Strive And Prosper"Which in Spanish means" Always fight and prosper. "

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