Meaning of Attendance

What is Assistance:

Assistance is the help service that is given to someone in specific areas and the presence of one or more at an event, place or work.

Assistance as an aid or relief service can be of a public or private nature. In the public sphere, we have social assistance, which is the help that the State of a country grants to those most in need socially through incentives, scholarships, bags, etc.

Technical assistance in private companies, for example, are the departments created to help their clients resolve doubts or product failures.

Medical assistance is assistance in the field of health where medical knowledge is required to relieve, recover or contain a person in situations where health is at risk.

The assistance referred to as participation or presence is used in the case of events and / or meetings to which they have been invited. In terms of attendance as an obligation, such as work attendance or school attendance, it indicates the minimum presence that is required in said institutions as one of the fundamental requirements for the fulfillment of the acquired commitment.

Synonyms of assistance can be found: help, relief, aid, protection or presence, attendance, affluence.

Antonyms for attendance we have: neglect, helplessness, abandonment or absence, absenteeism, absence.

Social care

Social assistance is the help that the State provides to those most underprivileged in view of the social problems that exist in society.

Social assistance seeks to reduce social differences related to immigration to the cities, problems in the quality and shortage of housing, precarious medical assistance, search for jobs, family problems and deprivation of quality education.

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