Meaning of Dim

What is Dim:

Attenuate is a verb that means to put or do something dim, subtle or thin. Indicates to decrease or reduce the strength or power of something. This word comes from Latin attenuāre, which derives from the adjective you have (faint).

Synonyms for attenuate

Because this action can be applied to different contexts, there are several words that can be used synonymously depending on each situation. Some of them are: decrease, reduce, reduce, reduce, lower, mitigate and weaken.

Antonyms for attenuate

In the same way, several words with opposite meanings can be used depending on the context such as accentuate, increase, raise, intensify or strengthen.

Dim the screen

"Dim the screen" or written in a reduced way as "dim screen" is one of the configuration options of many devices that reproduce images (televisions, computers, mobile phones ...). Usually, in the adjustment options, some aspects of the image such as brightness, clarity or contrast can be dimmed or increased. For example, in many televisions there are buttons on the bottom or on the side that allow you to dim the brightness or contrast in a manual way. Devices that have a screen usually have a default configuration that can be changed by a user, it is also common that there is the option to save these changes. Displays with dimmed brightness tend to have lower power consumption and somehow avoided. However, dimming a screen too much can strain your eyes and make it difficult to see images or read text.

Dim in the area of ​​aesthetics and makeup

In aesthetics and cosmetics, it is common to use this verb with the meaning of diminishing or softening. In many cases it refers not only to reducing or eliminating elements such as marks, dark circles or stretch marks, but also to hiding with some type of product. For example: "This cream reduces wrinkles."

Attenuate noise

Attenuating noise means reducing or diminishing unwanted sound. You can use different insulating elements that mitigate noise, there are construction materials manufactured expressly for this, such as panels. There are also home remedies such as egg cartons. It is also understood that noise is a distortion of a signal in a transmission system. For example, the sound that is played on the radio or on a mobile phone sometimes appears as a buzzing noise. Sometimes this noise can be attenuated by configuring the transmission system.

Attenuate in Telecommunication

In Telecommunication, a signal is attenuated or there is an attenuation of the signal, when when moving through a transmission medium the power is lost. The signal can be of different types, for example optical or electrical.


It is also used as a pronominal verb: "attenuate". For example: "The consequences of the tornado were mitigated thanks to international aid."

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