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The Phoenix, or Phoenix in English, is a mythical bird from Greek mythology, which was consumed by the action of fire every 500 years, but then rose from its own ashes.

When it was time to die, he made a nest of spices and aromatic herbs, laid a single egg, which hatched for three days, and on the third day it burned. The Phoenix was completely burned and, when reduced to ashes, the same Phoenix, always unique and eternal, would re-emerge from the egg. The Phoenix is ​​very strong, to the point of carrying even elephants.

According to the myth, he possessed several gifts, such as the virtue that his tears were healing. The Phoenix bird also has the power to transform into a firebird, and is the size of an eagle. Due to his death in a different way, the Phoenix bird has become a symbol of strength, purification, immortality and physical and spiritual rebirth, being one of the great figures made in tattoos.

The mythological bird is believed to have appeared in the East, and was later adapted by the Greeks. According to some myths, he lived in a region that included the Middle East and India, reaching as far as Egypt, in North Africa. Very present in Arabic poetry. Even the Catholic Church has a relationship with the Phoenix, Christians believed that the bird was a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. It was said at the time that the ashes of the Phoenix were so powerful, that they could even resurrect the dead.

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