Meaning of Greed

What is Greed:

Greed is eagerness or greed to achieve the objectives set. The word greed is made up of the suffix “ez"Which in Latin is equivalent "Ities”On the adjective "avid”And, in turn, comes from the Latin“avidus" What does it mean "desirous or anxious about something”.

The human being is characterized by his greed since he always wants to have more despite having a good economic situation, for example "greed for power" or "greed for money", also, to be continuously living experience, such as "greed for traveling ”, among others. However, it should not be forgotten that the human being is a being dissatisfied with what he has and, therefore, he always wants more and more, that is, he is a greedy, ambitious, avid being, among other characteristics that refers to this situation of the individual.

Likewise, in human organisms, there is the presence of antigens and antibodies. Antigens are foreign molecules to our organisms that appear as a result of a viral or bacterial contagion, among others and, in turn, the antibody is a protein produced by blood lymphocytes in order to attack a virus or bacterial infection product of antigens. In reference to the above, the force of interaction between the antibody and the antigen is what is known in the medicinal field as avidity.

In addition to the aforementioned, the avidity test is carried out by doctors in order to detect the intensity with which the antibodies remain bound to the toxoplasma antigen, obtaining as a result a high avidity refers to a past infection and a low avidity means a recent or acute infection, however, the avidity test should be performed early in pregnancy.

However, for Catholics, the term greed is related to the love for money, power or profit, for sex, for material things, for gluttony, among others, that is, everything they want goes above the service and devotion to God, because of this, the bible orders not to get involved with any individual who is overcome by greed, since as the book of Corinthians indicates, every Christian or individual who leads this life will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Likewise, the word greed is used as a synonym for: ambition, greed, avarice, appetite, gluttony, among others. However, some antonyms of the referred word are: indifference, detachment, disinterest.

On the other hand, the term avid is an adjective that characterizes a person who is anxious or greedy to have, do or achieve some goal, for example: “he is avid for new experiences”.

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