Meaning of Armpit

What is an armpit:

An armpit is an area of ​​the human body below the junction between the shoulder and the arm. It is also called armpit, although this term is more colloquial. It comes from Latin axilla.

In the armpits there are sweat glands that secrete sweat. If personal hygiene is neglected, they usually cause a bad smell.

In English, armpit is said armpit.

Underarm hair

From puberty, thicker and often curly hair grows in this area of ​​the body due to the increase in androgens, in both men and women.

Underarm hair helps release pheromones that, although odorless, generate stimuli related to sexuality. Also the armpit hair removes sweat, keeping the skin dry and preventing bacteria from causing problems.

Underarm hair is believed to also prevent friction between the skin on the arm and the side. In addition, it helps to remove heat from the armpits.

Underarm hair in society

Underarm hair is usually associated with sweat and bad smell, but also with sexuality since from puberty the hair develops in the armpits and pheromones are released that are related to sexual stimuli.

In Islamic culture, removing underarm hair is generally considered a requirement for both men and women. It responds to religious beliefs and is linked to a series of cleaning and hygiene indications.

In addition, in many places, women remove this hair as culturally unsightly and traditionally associated with virility and men. In the Western world, this practice began for aesthetic reasons at the beginning of the 20th century in the United States and the United Kingdom and spread to other countries.

In western culture some men also remove underarm hair for aesthetic reasons, for example in the world of fashion and bodybuilding it is a common practice. In some sports such as swimming, it is common for men and women to remove underarm hair to reduce chafing.

In hippie culture, in the punk scene and in feminist movements, armpit hair has been claimed in women for different reasons. Some of them are identified as a form of rebellion against patriarchal societies and as a response to the canon of Western beauty. There are also reasons for comfort and for its relationship with a more natural appearance.

People react differently to a hairy armpit and a shaved armpit, depending on their culture and personal tastes.

Underarm waxing

There are different techniques to remove underarm hair. To choose the type of underarm waxing, several factors are taken into account, such as the price of each product and technique, the sensitivity of the skin and pain, or the time it takes for the hair to grow back.

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