Meaning of Background

What is Background:

Background It is an English word that means 'bottom', 'under the surface' or 'background'. Although in English it is used extensively in many areas, such as the Spanish word “fondo”, the same is not the case when it is used in the Spanish language.

The word background used in the context of the Spanish language refers specifically to the experience or training of a person in relation to a matter or in relation to their own history.

In that sense, one can speak of a background professional, academic or personal, all of which make up the substrate or the fund on which a person is constituted. We speak in this case of work experience, academic training or level of instruction, life experiences that influence the behavior or attitude of the person, etc.

The term, therefore, has a wide use in the field of human resources. For example: “Could you tell me about your background professional?". Another way to use the expression in Spanish could be: “All the responsibilities to be assigned will depend on the background of the candidate ”.

Background in computer science

In the field of computing, the term background refers to the execution of systems, programs or activities that take place in the background during a certain work session. It can also be used in an everyday sense to name the background of the graphical interface screen.

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