Meaning of BAE

What is BAE:

BAE is an acronym for the English expression "before anyone else", which can be translated as "before anyone else". Figuratively, it means "above everyone else", "more important than others" or "priority before others".

This expression is frequently used on social media and is very popular among younger people. It is used to show the affection of one person towards another.

As is to be expected, the expression became general after its use in English-speaking countries, when the hashtag #BAE became popular on the networks. From there it quickly passed to use in different language communities, which have adopted it as a universal term.

In Spanish, the expression is often used in many ways. For example: "You are my bae", which means "You are the most important person in my life."

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The acronym BAE is, therefore, a modern form of writing to express affection between people, which emphasizes the hierarchy of the relationship.

The intention of this expression is to reveal to the loved one the importance they have in the list of priorities of the person who manifests, whether it is the affection of a partner, family or friendship.

This type of expressions joins the long list of acronyms popularized in social networks, which today have modified the language and which involve the creation of new communication alternatives.

Among the most popular acronyms we can identify TBT (Throwback Thursday - "Thursday of yesteryear"), LOL (Laughing out loud - "laugh out loud") and OMG (Oh My God! - "My God!"), Etc.

However, it is necessary to be careful because in some countries there is the word bae with a very uninspiring meaning. This is the case in Denmark and the Danish language, where the word bae literally means "manure".

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