Meaning of Broadband

What is Broadband:

Broadband is a term typical of telecommunications that refers to a network that has a great capacity to transport information, which translates into a higher speed in data transmission.

The oldest version of Internet connection is the dial-up, which used a telephone connection linked to a modem. The connection went only up to a transmission speed of 56 bits per second and was extremely unstable.

But in addition, to use the Internet it was necessary to interrupt the telephone communication, so that while this service was being used, no one in the house could communicate by telephone.

Broadband in its first stage used fiber optic cables that had to be connected to every computer in the home or office. Fiber-optic material has been found to be much more efficient than copper for this purpose.

Currently, broadband allows you to do without cables around the house or business and access the Internet through WiFi networks interconnected by a router principal.

Indeed, broadband, also called high-speed connection (high speed internet), transmits data at a speed ranging from 256 bits per second to 2 Mbits per second, while being stable. This has allowed space-consuming information such as high-quality images, video and sound to circulate on the Internet.

It is necessary to say that this number is not definitive, since we are constantly working on improving the potential of communication systems.

For the vast majority of Internet users, broadband is still the most widely used way to connect to the network. Indeed, the emergence of broadband represented a new stage in the development of digital information services and, therefore, new possibilities for communication.

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