Meaning of Flag of Ecuador

What is the Flag of Ecuador:

The flag of the Republic of Ecuador is a symbol that represents Ecuador as a country and the Ecuadorian people around the world. The flag, together with the shield and the national anthem, is part of the main national symbols of Ecuador.

The flag is rectangular in size, they have three horizontal colored stripes, which are arranged from top to bottom as follows: yellow, blue and red.

In the center is located the coat of arms, which is customarily omitted, according to a decree approved and signed into law on December 5, 1900, except when it is hoisted in government offices, embassies or diplomatic centers, ships of war and in the different national organisms.

Even municipal governments cannot use the flag with the shield. In this case, the governorates use a tricolor flag that in the center have a set of stars in circular order that represent the provinces of Ecuador.

The colors and design of the flag of Ecuador, like the flags of Colombia and Venezuela, derives from the flag of Greater Colombia, when together with Panama they formed this country that existed legally from 1821 to 1831.

This flag was designed by the Venezuelan Francisco de Mirada in 1811, who was a precursor of Spanish-American independence. Hence the origin of the tricolor and the general design of the flag of Ecuador, which recalls its history in Latin America.

Like any national symbol, the flag of Ecuador is also a reflection of the history of its country and the political and social processes experienced from and during its colonization by the Spanish, until its independence as a country.

The president of Ecuador in 1860, Dr. García Moreno, decreed on September 26 the tricolor flag as the official of the country.

Years later, on October 31, 1900, by the Executive and Legislative powers, the decree for the use of the tricolor flag, as we know it today, was ratified and issued.

Also, in the same year 1900 it was established under a Legislative decree that every September 26, in Ecuador, the day of the national flag must be commemorated, as a symbol of fraternity, political, social, civic balance and as the scope of the ideals of the Ecuadorian people.

Meaning of the colors

Each color of the flag of Ecuador has a meaning that is related to its history and therefore has a particular meaning.

Yellow: the yellow band occupies the upper half of the flag and symbolizes the fertility of the land and crops, as well as represents gold and sun.

Blue: this strip occupies half the size of the yellow strip and symbolizes the color of the ocean and the Ecuadorian sky.

Red: This strip is the same size as the blue strip and symbolizes the blood shed in combat by the heroes who fought for their country and its independence.

Meaning of the shield

The shield of Ecuador is located in the center of the flag. It is an Ecuadorian symbol that was approved on the 6th in 1845 and officially adopted under regulation in 1900. Its artistic design belongs to Pedro Pablo Traversari.

The shield is oval in shape and is made up of: in the upper part is the Andean condor that defeats any enemy and protects the people with its wings, then there is the Sun that illuminates the lands of Ecuador and, around it, the symbols that represent the months of March, April, May and June.

In the center you can see the snowy Chimborazo volcano and the Guayas river and, in the lower part you can see a boat covered with the tricolor of the national flag.

On the sides are located the wooden rods that have the national flag linked in order to represent authority. On the right side there is a laurel branch and, on the left, a palm leaf.

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