Meaning of US Flag

What is the US Flag:

The US flag is one of the symbols that represents the United States of America.The current model of the flag has 50 stars that represent the 50 states that make up the country.

The US flag is made up of 13 horizontal stripes of interleaved colors of red and white with a blue square in the left corner containing 50 stars arranged in 9 rows of 6 and 5 horizontally interleaved stars and 11 columns of 5 and 4 stars interspersed vertically.

The meaning of the colors of the US flag is attributed to the symbolism of the colors used on the "Great Seal" or Great seal (created earlier and most relevant used for document certification):

  • white: symbolizes purity and innocence,
  • red: symbolizes robustness and courage,
  • blue: is the color of the remote.

The US flag has been named in various ways depending on the model and the political context of the country. The most used is The stars and stripes translated in Spanish as “the stars and the stripes” which refers to the stars and stripes that make up the flag.

Name Old glory, translated in Spanish as "the ancient glory" that some give to the US flag refers to the introduction of the 13 stripes on the flag that symbolize the original 13 colonies of England in the United States.

The original design of the flag is credited to then Congressman Francis Hopkinson and the manufacture of the first flag to Betsy Ross.

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