Meaning of Flag of Paraguay

What is the Flag of Paraguay:

The Paraguayan flag is a national symbol that pays tribute to the hard and hard achievements of the citizens of this country. Every August 14, the day of the Paraguayan flag is celebrated.

The flag was approved on November 25, 1842 by the Extraordinary General Congress of the National Parliament, which was chaired by the consuls Mariano Roque Alonso and Don Carlos Antonio López.

Meaning of the shield and the colors of the flag

The flag of Paraguay is a tricolor rectangle, it has three horizontal stripes of equal size, one colored, red, the other white, and the last is blue.

It is the only flag that has a different shield on the obverse and reverse and that have great patriotic significance.

The shield that appears on the obverse side of the flag is circular, this is the shield of the Republic, composed of two branches, one palm and one olive, which curve and surround a yellow star.

On the other hand, the shield on the reverse of the flag is also circular and contains inside the figure of a lion, a Phrygian cap and on both of them the following phrase "Peace and justice" appears.

The colors of the flag have a clear meaning. The color red symbolizes bravery, equality, justice and patriotism.

The white color represents peace, unity and purity and the blue color symbolizes freedom, knowledge and truth.

Brief history of the flag

The flag of Paraguay does not have a certain origin.

The most well-known story refers to the fact that the colors chosen for the flag were selected taking into account the colors of the Paraguayan soldiers' uniform, which were red, white and blue and, in turn, participated in the defense of the city. from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

However, there are also those who say that the colors of the Paraguayan flag are inspired by the flag of France, only that the stripes are placed in a different position.

The Paraguayan flag underwent various modifications, since pre-Columbian times, when the aborigines used certain tools and animal feathers as a symbol or flag.

Later, during the colonization process, arias flags were also waved, the first was that of the reign of Spain.

Then other flags arose, the previous one to the current one was very similar, it had three stripes, red, white and blue, but the white stripe was wider and in the center it had the shield of Spain.

Subsequently, the flag that is known today was designed and approved and is accompanied by an anthem How beautiful is my Paraguayan flag!, lyrics and music by Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo and, from a text that works as an invocation of the flag.

The last modifications made to the Paraguayan flag were made in 2013, through a decree, on both shields.

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