Meaning of the Flag of Puerto Rico

What does the Flag of Puerto Rico mean:

The flag of Puerto Rico is the official ensign that identifies this nation at an international level, the Commonwealth of the United States of America.

The Puerto Rican flag is made up of five stripes arranged horizontally, three alternating in red with two in white.

On the side of the flagpole, you can see an equilateral blue triangle that overlaps the stripes. In the center of this is a white five-pointed star, one of which points upward.

The national insignia of Puerto Rico has a 2: 3 ratio.

Meaning of colors and elements

White Star

It is a white star with five points, one of which faces upwards; is the symbol of the Commonwealth.

Blue triangle

It is an equilateral triangle. Each angle evokes each of the fundamental ideals in a republican system: liberty, equality, and fraternity, just like the French Revolution.

Red stripes

They symbolize the blood and vitality that the government draws from.

White Stripes

They represent individual freedom and the rights of man, which serve as a counterweight to the powers.

History of the flag of Puerto Rico

The flag was designed in the last decade of the 19th century. It was the work of the Puerto Rican patriots who ultimately lived in New York and fought for separation from Spain.

It was hoisted for the first time during the Yauco attempt, on March 24, 1897, when Puerto Rico was still a Spanish colony.

Between 1898 and 1952, it was forbidden to raise this flag. And it was not until 1952 that it would be officially adopted by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Why are the flags of Cuba and Puerto Rico similar?

The flag of Puerto Rico symbolizes the brotherhood in the revolutionary struggle with the brother people of Cuba to separate from Spain. That is why they are so similar. If we look closely, in the Puerto Rican flag the colors of the triangle and the stripes have been inverted with respect to the Cuban one.

The flag dates from the 19th century, at the time when Puerto Ricans conspired from New York affiliated with the Cuban Revolutionary Party and felt united with Cuban patriots by the same ideals of independence and freedom.

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