Meaning of Flag of Uruguay

What is the Flag of Uruguay:

The Uruguayan flag is a national symbol that is known by the official name of the Pabellón Patrio, however it is also called "The Sun and the Stripes".

This flag was adopted, through a set of laws, on December 18, 1828 and on July 11, 1830.

On August 28, 1828, the Preliminary Peace Convention was signed, a document by which Uruguay is recognized and born as an independent country. From this moment on, the politics of the Republic was organized through a transitory government.

In this process, the creation of the national flag was approved by means of a decree of law.

The result was a white background flag with nine light blue stripes and on the upper left side a blank space where the Sun of May was placed.

The nine stripes represented the departments into which the country was divided, after having been dominated in principle by Spain and Portugal and, later, by Brazil.

Years later, the flag was modified by law on July 12, 1830. From then on, the Uruguayan flag has four light blue stripes and five white stripes, representing the number of its departments.

Then, by decree, on February 18, 1952, it was established how the drawing of the Sun should be, which even previously had the flag, so that the following design was taken as final.

The drawing of the Sun represents the Sun of May, which in turn symbolizes the Inca sun god known as Inti. It is a symbol that is used to celebrate the independence of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata of Spain that began with the May Revolution.

This Sun consists of being a radiant circle of golden color, with a drawn face and 16 interspersed rays, eight are straight and eight are flaming.

This decree also established that the flag must be raised, on a mandatory basis, on public holidays and civic commemoration days, both in public offices and in regulated establishments or with official protection.

In turn, the flag must be raised daily in the Presidency of the Republic, in the ministries, in the residence of the President, the ships of the Merchant Navy and in the main public offices.

Abroad, it is only allowed to hoist the Uruguayan flag at embassies and consulates.

Meaning of the colors of the flag

The Uruguayan flag is characterized by the Sun and its white and azure stripes. Each color means something in particular.

The white color symbolizes glory, joy, forgiveness, innocence and love. It also refers to service to God and the Nation.

The color blue is used to represent space and the immaculate sky. It also refers to meditation, to the philosophical speculation that is put at the service of the Nation and the country through clear thoughts and deep love.

For its part, the golden color of the Sun symbolizes nobility, wealth, power, magnanimity, light, constancy, faith, wisdom and purity.

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